List of works (selection)



Pipelining Friendship – a research project

“Pipelining friendship” examines the dual function of the pipeline “Druzhba” as an energy supply artery and friendship technique in the GDR


The East in Me – an artistic process

With “The East in Me” we are looking for new forms of memetic theater for a newly felt East in an open-ended and process-oriented way


Working Girls 1988

“Working Girls” examines the Carmen choreographies of Katharina Witt and Debra Thomas during the Calgary Olympics, 1988.



Brofaromin OST
theatrical installation on the testings of anti-depressants on GDR citizens by pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Ciba Geigy, Bayer



artistic research project on Treuhand liquidations of East German companies and techno development in the 1990s, stations: Apolda, Berlin, Jena, Leipzig, Görlitz, Weisswasser


41189 – Theater of the Revolution
theatrical revival of the first free demonstration in the GDR, Nov. 4, 1989, Nov. 4, at Alexanderplatz


The Man in the Elevator
family attempts escape from GDR after Heiner Müller


Jakob, the liar / Fake News
adaptation of the novel “Jakob, the Liar” (1974) by Jurek Becker with texts by Heiner Müller



#War Is Over
Bed-In-Performance with John and Yoko.


[Donald Trump is] The Snow Queen
dance theater on the election of the 45th U.S. president



Inglourious Lolitas
Tarantino meets Nabokov meets Henry Darger.



Hansel | Gretel | Phase 3
True Crime Theater on drug testings in/on the GDR.

Bartleby, the Scrivener
first Berlin office theater based on Herman Melville and Gleiss Lutz


Salma’s Breasts: Frida Kahlo Meets Rosa Luxemburg
feminist revue at the Blue House


Off to Schwedt – a Love Declaration!
theater project on the NVA prison in Schwedt/Oder

Queen & Soldier
love / war play after Suzanne Vega

The Crying of the Lambs
film adaptation based on East German food biographies before and after 1989



Frida Kahlo meets Rosa Luxemburg
feminist Deep Talk



Filicide – the elements do not touch
development of a play on the nine-fold child murderer of Frankfurt Oder, Brandenburg