Monologue Pharmaceutical Company, from: “Brofaromin OST”, 2022

“Once upon a time, there was a pharmaceutical giant who loved risk. And that giant is me. yes, there are always guidelines. Implementation is a different story. I invest. I’m a doer. I fight for an idea, I fight for health. I’m also shocked by the thalidomide scandal in the 1960s, where children were born without arms and legs. Since then, the legislature has made the guidelines stricter. This does not make our work easy. Before, the patients were like children in the forest, and we were happy to take them in. Then everything became more regulated, and now you can’t see the forest within the prohibition signs. Since the Medicines Act of 1978, we have had to inform patients about their rights and risks. Of course, we are interested in speed. Another company also has products in the pipeline, so we have to try to speed up the process. People will benefit from this. And so do those in the EAST. The Westgerman population is increasingly old, multimorbid and overmedicated. This is a traumatised generation that has sought its salvation in the health industry and the social systems. And who knows where else. In the GDR, patients take fewer drugs, are younger and healthier on average. The socialist is on average healthier and less stuffed with active ingredients. There are fewer interactions. And there are no political side effects. They don’t just lack tropical fruits and car spare parts. The doctors there can’t prescribe all the drugs their patients need either. I’m investing in a black hole. Mighty mighty. We producers are looking for opportunities we don’t have in the West. Signature is signature.” (Text material, Simon Strick, “Brofaromin OST”)

Monologue State Security Officer from the GDR, from: “Brofaromin OST”, 2022

“You cannot handle the truth. We live in a world that has walls. And those walls must be guarded. Who should do that. You, perhaps, with your XY problem? Or you? You? You weep all day long and curse the officers of the State Security. You have that luxury. You have that luxury of not knowing what I know. I know that the lies, tragic as they are, probably saved lives. And my existence, grotesque and strange as it may seem, saves lives. And deep inside you, under your pale skin. Underneath your diseases. Deep down, you want me on THAT wall. You need that wall. You want me on that wall. We have words like “honor,” “code,” “loyality”. These words are our backbone for a life of defense. We defend an idea. You can hit on someone at a party with these words, or you can think you know what they mean. We live and die for those words. We betray and lie for that idea. We fight for this idea. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to someone who falls asleep every night under the blanket of “freedom” that I provide. Who lives safely when I provide the safety. I don’t explain myself to anyone who seeks my care, and then wants to discuss how I provide that care. I don’t discuss my methods with anyone who wants to be told exactly what the dangers of life are, but never asks how they were researched in the first place. I give a damn what you think you are entitled to. I am not a side effect of the system. I am the engine. I’m the active ingredient. I keep you healthy.” (Text material, Simon Strick, “Brofaromin OST”)

Text passage from: “The good machine of G.”, from play development for “TreuhandTechno Görlitz” (2021)

He who helps the lost is lost himself! And yet you wanted to be an angel for the Foron refrigerators. You were too small for the big plans. You are the cold human being, from whom all here have reported these misdeeds.

You wanted to switch to fkw, that is, fckw without chlorine. But the big west german manufacturers are giving greenpeace the cold shoulder. they didn’t want to, and of course one of the ex-ddr is just right for them. he could do it, because they are under the thumb of the Treuhand, but the fate of the liquidation could mean that they then see a chance for their profiling. Actually, the bosch siemens group was supposed to take over the refrigeration plant.

In the end, it didn’t work out because a bosch manager said he wouldn’t go along with it. as a result, the Treuhandanstalt decided to liquidate the company. And with it, the idea of an ecological refrigerator from G. And without the refrigeration patent, VEB Foron no longer had a unique selling point.

I think that everyone was naively hoping that someone from the West would come and help us. (The other characters are leaving)

I think that everyone was naively hoping that someone from the West would come and help us.

I think that everyone was naively hoping that someone from the west would come and help us.

I believe that all blue-eyed people hoped that someone from the west would come and help us.

I believe that all blue-eyed people hoped that someone from the west would come and help us.

I believe that all blue-eyed people hoped that someone from the West would come and help us.

I believe that all blue-eyed hoped someone will come from the west and help us

I believe it helped all blue eyes from the West.

I believe all the blue eyes coming from the West.

I believe all blue eyed come from the west and help.

I believe all blue-eyed from the West would have helped.

All of them were hoping for the Blue West, I think.

I think it helped that the Blue Eyes West brought hope

Someone thinks the Blue Eyes come from the West

I hope the West will help me a blue eye

I think someone comes from the West and hope with Blue Eyes.

I think from the West comes someone

I think the West is helping

West help Blue eyes hope comes

Blue eyes west is coming

Blue eyes west comes eye hopes

I think I hope I eye I west I help I us.

Me and us, we hoped blue eyes, someone comes

Someone come help us, blue eyes us.

all hope blue-eyed, someone is coming? help us?
West come from, my hope, blue eyes

west help, eye hope

Someone is coming from the west to help us.

someone comes from the west, helps us.

someone comes from westen, helps.

someone comes, us.

west comes to us

I believe in west eye

eyes on blue purchase

hope helps west, blue eye

Somebody help, blue eye.

Someone, everyone, us, me. Blue of hope.

Me, blue-eyed, from the west. All help.

I believe. I west. I come. I help. Us blue-eyed.

I think all have hoped west-eyed.

I think someone from the west has inculcated hope in us.

Someone comes from the west and blues us hope.

Someone comes from the west and.

Someone is hoping from the west.

Someone helps from the blue west

Hope vests, I think everyone was hoping for help. For someone.

Help came from the blue eyes.

I think, I hope, I help, from the west eye.

Everyone was blue-eyed hoping someone would come.

All have hoped blue-eyed it comes westen and helps.

All hoped for westen helps.

Hoped for help.

Someone is coming hope.

Faith from the eye of the West

Someone believe the west

West faith, help the eye blue arriving.

I believe my eye, my west me.

blue in the hope from the west


Blue hope, my west helper

West helper come believe us all.

west west come come come come help help help

the hope me, the west us












Someone comes to hope

Is someone coming from hope

Out of hope into the west

Out of the eye into the help



I hope out of the west

I believe helps.


I believe all blue eyed hope someone will come out of the west and help us.